Strongly despised by homeowners, cockroaches have always been the worst of all other enemies. This creepy nuisance in and around your lovely home strangely survives freezing temperatures and also for almost a week without its head.

There are different types of roaches and the presence of these roaches in the house can also pose serious health risks to humans. Therefore, it is essential to be able to identify these roaches so you know which ones can prove most destructing for your family’s health.

Mostly, all types of cockroaches tend to carry germs on the spines of their legs as they crawl across and through the decaying matter. These germs can easily be transferred to humans through food contamination. The result of this contamination can be E.coli and Salmonella.

And it doesn’t end here. Cockroaches are linked to increased asthma and allergy attacks as their droppings and saliva can trigger allergic reactions and asthma symptoms, especially among children.

In order to rid them and stay safe and healthy, it is essential to organize pest control and management.

Unfortunately, with approximately 4,000 living species of cockroaches around the world, it is inevitable that they will find a way inside your home. Therefore, our article will help you understand the various types of cockroaches commonly found in residential areas. The guide will help you determine the type of these unwanted guests in your home.


Types of RoachesGerman cockroach is one of the most commonly found roaches in America. They pose the biggest threat to your family; thanks to its high-speed capacity for breeding. If a female german cockroach enters you home, you can accept the fact that trouble is on its way to evade your family’s peace and happiness.

Between a female German cockroach and her offspring, more than a whopping 30,000 cockroaches can be produced easily within one year only. Thankfully, not all of them will live a long life. But, the ones that live are enough to transfer enormous amounts of diseases to your loved ones. Each German cockroach egg case also known as ootheca has the capacity to hatch between 20 and 40 baby roaches. Unlike other types of usual cockroaches, the adult female carries the eggs with her until they are ready to be hatched. This sadly makes them extremely persistent and difficult to rid of.

These are usually 0.6 inches in size and are smaller than American or Asian cockroaches. These are light brown in colour and consist of two dark, parallel stripes on pronotum, from head to wings. They are commonly found in the United States especially in areas near water sources with food, such as kitchen sinks and bathrooms. It can barely fly and thus is carried via visitors, packages, purses, clothing, used furniture and leftover food.


types of cockroachesBrown-banded cockroaches are brown in colour with pronounced banding across their wings. This species is found across United States. They tend to prefer warmer, drier and higher locations than any other urban pest cockroaches. They also often hide their eggs in our under furniture. Thus, usually found in upper cabinets or rooms other than kitchens or bathrooms, where the ambience is pretty dry and warm.

They get their name from the two lighter bands they have across their dark brownish bodies. The male’s wings are usually larger and wider than the female’s wings. As they tend to stay away from water, they are commonly found inside electronics, refrigerators, television sets, etc.

Usually smaller than American or Asian cockroaches, they are over 0.5 inches long and wide. Males are dark brown at base and have a golden tan towards wing tips. Females on the other hand have reddish brown wings and dark brown bodies. Only males can fly and mostly intend to jump, females cannot do either.

Similar to German roaches, brown banded cockroaches, too, enter through carriers such as visitors, packages, used furniture, leftover food, purses, clothing, etc and can easily spread through walls in multifamily dwellings.


American cockroachesAmerican cockroaches are reddish brown in colour with a yellowish figure eight pattern on the back of their head. This species is mostly found across United States. American cockroaches are often found in sewers and basements, particularly in and around pipes and filthy drains.

This species is the largest of the house-infesting cockroaches – in size. They are extremely active when the temperature is 70 degrees or higher. Unfortunately for house owners, they can survive in lower temperatures as well with the right conditions.

They can survive up to two long years, much longer than other cockroach types. They are famously known as palmetto drugs. Spotting them can be quite alarming actually. They are one to three inches bigger in size hence called the largest among other species.

They usually prefer living outdoors but love warm, damp areas, near kitchens, laundry rooms, etc, too. In this species, both female and males can fly making your life inside that beautiful house a tad bit more challenging and dangerous.

Their entry points are basically under doors, basement windows, garages or the sewer system. The best way to rid them is to practice good sanitation. If you seal cracks and other entry points for them, they can be easily prevented from entering the house. Pay extra attention to bathrooms and kitchens, to identify these type of cockroaches. Eliminate moisture build up around these areas so that they are not given any chance to breed.


Oriental cockroachesOriental cockroaches are very large and dark coloured and also consist a shine on the upper exterior of their body. Usually, they are spotted in the northern, mid west and southern regions of the United States.
Oriental cockroaches are mostly called as water bugs because they come out of filthy drains. They are mostly found in sewers and entry point consists of drains. They find indoor resting spaces in basements. They are also known to be found in leaf piles and firewood outdoors.

Oriental cockroach is also known as black beetle cockroaches because of their smooth and dark coloured bodies. It is considered one of the dirtiest looking and harmful species among other roaches. They also possess a very strong smell, more like a pungent odour.

They dwell in darkness and love moist, damp spots that are usually isolated sites for humans. Hiding in not-so-easy-to-reach spots makes it difficult to rid them with the help of pest management. Only with the help of a professional help can one eliminate these type of roaches.

They are about 1.25 inches long and wide in size. The glossy black is the best way to distinguish them from other roaches. Although they cannot fly, they can very easily crawl up to places like decaying organic matter, moisture and below ground level.

Their famous entry points are garages, sewers, basement windows and under doors. These can easily transmit diseases through their various entry points and carriers. If you think they only thrive on something decaying or dirty then you are absolutely wrong. They can very easily crawl and feast on newly washed dishes as well. Thus, possessing a major threat to your family’s health. Get a free pest evaluation and eliminate them right away. Don’t wait for them to create any concrete trouble to your family. Eradicate them permanently from your house while you can.


Smoky brown cockroachesThis species dehydrates very quickly and are thus found mainly in moist, damp places. They are excellent fliers and extremely nocturnal as well thus making your worries far more bigger.

They are highly attracted to light and will enter homes as soon as they see it. They are 1.5 inches big and a bit smaller than the American roach. They have a uniform dark mahogany colour with a black pronotum.

Their wings are weirdly longer than their bodies. They are mainly sighted in southeastern parts of the United States. They tend to breed in gutters, attics and crawl spaces and thus are found here commonly.

Unlike other species, in smoky brown cockroaches both females and males can fly. Their common entry points are vents and where trees, vegetation, shrubs, etc meet the house directly. This type of roach is not very risky to your health but are gross looking. Now who would want these filthy looking roaches inside or around the house right? Therefore, the best way to rid them is by utilizing good sanitation across every hidden spaces of the house.


CRYPTOCERCUS GARCIAIIt is a species of wood roach named after musician from America Jerry Garcia. Members of the cryptocercus genus are morphologically similar with only a few distinguishing characters. Although it is not sure where these roaches are usually found, it is suspected they are majorly spotted in the eastern United States.


Oriental cockroachesAlso known as the Asian cockroach, the blatella asahinai were first described in 1981 from various insects collected in Japan. These are very closely identical to the German cockroaches, except for a few minor differences appearance wise.

They are roughly about 0.63 inches long in size and consist a tan to brown colour on the exterior. They also have wings to fly. Surprisingly, its wings are slightly longer than the German roaches. The best way to spot a difference between the two species is its ability to fly faster almost like a moth unlike German roaches.

Finally, it tends to prefer to thrive in places mostly outdoors unlike German roaches that thrive indoors. They are basically found in tropical and subtropical climates. Its population reaches its zenith around August every year and later rapidly starts to decline with the onset of cool weather.

During extreme cold weather conditions, the Asian cockroaches tend to burrow down under the leaf litter to find their own safe haven. They also occasionally feed on the eggs of lepidopteran pests of the annual crops. These are very filthy in appearance, now which insect isn’t anyway right?
But, trust us when we say this is one of the most dangerous species especially to children in our family.

They tend to target kids or senior citizens whose immunity level is far more vulnerable than any other age groups in the house. So, make sure you rid them quickly in case you have people belonging to these two age groups in the family.


wood cockroachLast but certainly not the least, this species is the most common of insects. They have been around for more than 300 million years now. They are also considered one of the most successful groups of insets today.

Adult males are over 1 inch long and females shockingly grow up to three to four inches taller. Males are dark brown in colour with front of the wings margined with yellow. Females on the other hand have conspicuous wing pads on them. Wings of the male are longer than their body and females’ wing pads which are mostly functionless cover only one third or two third of their abdomen.

The males tend to fly swiftly but do not have the capacity to sustain in air for longer periods. Both male and female are found outdoor beneath loose woodpiles, stumps and hollow tree barks.

They also prefer to wonder inside the house without congregating to any particular room or space. They can be extremely troublesome during their mating season as this is when they get super aggressive. This is basically during May and June. They are also attracted to lights in the house and can enter following it often. Large numbers of this species can be found in gutters, sewer system of homes.

They primarily feed on decaying organic matter. Both male and female can be found in garages and smaller, isolated structures or spaces. Surprisingly they rarely breed indoors.

They have three developmental stages. First they lay eggs in egg capsules which are deposited under or behind a loose bark of a tree. Each capsule consists of over 32 eggs approximately. The egg stage lasts up to 34 days. The normal life span of the female species is only limited to several months and not years.